About Us

Industry Leadership You Can Count On

Since 1929, Thorco has been a trusted leader in the distribution and repair of quality engineered products for controlling pressure, liquid level and flow. Our priority is providing safe, reliable performance and expert service you can depend on.

  • Assembly and distribution of ASME pressure relief valves
  • Repair and service of pressure relief valves, tank vents and analyzers
  • Representation and distribution of tank venting products, rupture discs, liquid level gages, control valves, liquid level controls, chemical pumps, gas detection equipment, pressure and temperature switches and process analyzers

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our locations span from California to Texas. We serve numerous markets including chemical processing, oil and gas, refining, pipeline, power generation, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical – anywhere vigilance is imperative.



  • Authorization and code stamps – ASME V & UV, NBIC VR
  • ASME-approved assembler for LESER & Farris safety and pressure relief valves