Level-Trac Steam and Water Level Indicators and Alarms

Level Trac

Our Level-Trac liquid level product line includes water columns and probes capable of operating successfully in applications up to 3000 psi working steam pressure as well as a broad line of Water Detection Control Units and Alarms.


The Level-Trac Model LT-201 control unit is completely solid state with a discrete path for each probe channel. Failure of any probe channel in the system will not result in the failure of adjacent probe channels.


Twelve, Fourteen or Sixteen Probe Channels – Independent Power Supply Units – Fault Tolerance, Fault Alarm Output  – Probe Cable Monitoring – Integral 4-20mA Output – Level Alarms, High Integrity Trip Functions – No Maintenance or Routing Testing –  Clear, Highly Visible Display –  Remote Display LTI-202 Available


Level-Trac Probe Upgrade Kit

Level-Trac probe upgrade kits offer a better value as compared to original equipment manufacturers. All these probes feature:

  • Hydrostatically test to twice the rated pressure
  • Helium leak test
  • Ceramic to metal vacuum brazing
  • Two year guarantee of trouble-free service regardless of the original equipment manufacturer